Miss College Icon goes to Prakriti Karki

Prakriti Karki crowned as Miss College Icon 2018. Prakriti was also successful at best hair category. In the event Shisham Acharya was finalized as first runner-up and was also victorious at most iconic eyes category.

Likewise Anzila Chitrakar and Unisha Bajagain completed the event as second and third runner-ups respectively. In the event Unisha was also successful at talent category. Similarly the event found Nirmala Puri as the winner of most popular award.
The event was been organized by ANP media house and was showcased at Rastriya Naachghar, Jamal while choreography was been handled by Aswini Jha.

Winners in some of the major categories:
MISS CATWALK: Sirin Gurung, BEST SKIN: Brikshya Shiwal, BEST PERSONALITY: Sumi Maharjan, MOST CHARMING: Mina Tamang, MOST FRIENDLY: Dolma Waiba, MISS CONGENIALITY: Roshni Rai, MOST DISCIPLINED: Salu Chaudhari, BEST PHYSIQUE: Asmee Shakya, MOST PHOTOGENIC: Brikshya Silwal, FACE BOOK CHOICE: Unisha Deula

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