Indian singer Gaurav Dagaonkar intoned Nepali song ‘Aatma ma…’

Glamour Nepal, Kathmandu
Famous Indian singer Gaurav Dagaonkar has sung popular Nepali number ‘Aatma ma…’ (the song is originally sang by singer Kamal Khatri) mixing it with a very popular Hindi song ‘Galliyan…’ from bollywood’s blockbuster movie ‘Ek Villain’. Gaurav has beautifully composed the song with lovely flute tunes from Nepali all time favorite song ‘Asarai Mahinama…’ Gaurav-Dagaonkar-intoned-Nepali-songGaurav said he sang the song for his Nepali fans.“I hope Nepali audiences will love the song,” he said. He has posted video on You Tube and Facebook too.

The singer, who loves to sing songs of pop rock style, was born in Mumbai. He is equally active in composing and writing lyrics along with singing. His first album ‘College Days’ was unveiled in 2008. He has composed songs of films ‘Lanka’, ‘Will You Marry Me’, ‘Joker’ among others.

Enjoy The Video.

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