Be bold and Be you because you are special: Alisha Bajracharya

Miss Newa Alisha Bajracharya

Miss Newa Alisha Bajracharya | Images Courtesy: Shivalal Shrestha

Standing five feet four inches 22 years of age Alisha Bajracharya was been crowned as Miss Newa 1134 organized by Nepalese Fashion Home near about a year ago. Currently doing Bachelors in Media Technology at Shepherd College, Alisha feels sometimes being too moody to handle and snappy as her minus points where as being able to be positive in every situation is her greatest strength. She aspires to be a prominent leading lady and foremost happy person. Libra by zodiac sign, this fair lady resides at Maitidevi, Kathmandu. She loves to be in the aviation world and ramp modeling. As per that she did flying as an airhostess for two years. Also did couple of cover photo shoots for magazines and newspapers, walked as show stopper for TGIF Nepal Fashion Week 2014, Voyage of creation 2014 and Bridal shows.

Alisha defines:
Herself: as an optimistic person, assertive and a hopeful girl who believes in believing in herself. She says, ‘I am a big time dreamer but at the same time I am the one who do not believe in dream and wish but dream and work. So, for me my life is all about taking chances and if it doesn’t work it’s ok to give another shot.’

# Being positive is being me (being natural) my cultural upbringing has taught me to see positive in everything and everyone!

# Being Miss Newa 1134 is a responsibility, pride and recognition showing immense love and respect for my culture and community.

# Being confident is a staple quality to thrive and exist and at the same time over confidence is a big NO.

# Being happy for me, everybody should aspire to be happy and spread happiness in the same way a single candle being able to light million other candles but the life of a candle does not decreases, in the same way we should spread and share happiness.

Miss Newa Alisha BajracharyaHow would you recall the moment you were been crowned as Miss Newa 1134?
Miss Newa 1134 was my golden moment of life. My identity is my community and being acknowledged and recognized by each one of them for my passion to promote and preserve our culture and importantly my immense love and respect being raised in such a rich cultural values and traditions has to be the moment of and yes it is definitely the result of my intense hard work and dedication.

What importance do you find in organizing the event like Miss Newa?
I do not consider Miss Newa just as a simple event it is a divine celebration and of our Newar community where our cultural reflection of values, language, beliefs, customs and traditions are shared and potrayed. People view it as the system where groups are encouraging and joining hands to uplift the community and make aware people regarding the need to promote and preserve culture. It is also a platform where we stand together for a social cause.

This year, its tenth year of Miss Newa Pageant, what suggestions would you give to those who do want to be the part of the event?
Yes, I am extremely happy for the fact Miss Newa is successfully completing a decade. That’s a long run of time and still running being the best among the society with a major aim to strive and promote cultural values and tradition. I would like to ask the young girls of Newar community to be the part of this celebration for the fact there is so much to learn, care and share. You could be a role model, an encourager to the naive soul to preserve and promote Newar culture, because what I feel is the first way to preserve the culture, is to understand its importance. Making to win or not is just the format of a game. You just need to believe in yourself and give your best. You become the shining star.

What would you might never have gained or learned if you were not been the part of Miss Newa Pageant?
I believe life is a learning process and I am in a work in progressive state. Miss Newa has been a wonderful journey. I have gained numerous of eternal friendship, supporters and experiences to cherish for the whole life. There are differences in rituals among Newars found in different geographical areas and through our training session we got to share and learn almost all, completely amiable sessions concerned from respective areas refined us. To sum up I have gained the knowledge which has enhanced my confidence and passion towards my cultural preservation and social concern.

What strength and weakness do you find in Newar women in comparison to the women of other community?
Look at me! I do not think I am weaker than women compared to other community. I believe what makes someone weaker or stronger is their perception. Positive perception overrides your weakness. So all you need is change in your perception. I believe there is only one religion that is religion of love that unites us despite differences in culture, creed or color. I would say be bold and be you because you are special.

One word interaction with Alisha
# The flower that resembles you: Orchid
# The color that defines you: Pink
# The bird that resembles you: Peacock
# One word other than the word ‘love’ you like in English language: Mother
# One word other than the word ‘hate’ you dislike in English language: Jealousy
– – – By Rojin Shakya


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