Rajesh Hamal’s interest in Mobile and Face Book

Rajesh-Hamal-Madhu-Bhattarai-1Glamour Nepal, Kathmandu,
There was a time when Nepali movie superstar Rajesh Hamal doesn’t used to carry mobile. Film artists and journalists used to complain about difficulties in contacting the actor. But, he has changed gradually. Nowadays, Rajesh Hamal doesn’t miss IPhone in his pocket. He was recently seen busy showing pictures to journalists and film artists.

Rajesh-Hamal-Madhu-BhattaraiThe actress said that the reason behind carrying mobile for him is to capture the scene he likes and receive international calls. He had captured his different pictures in the mobile and he shows such photos to his favorite persons and journalists. This changed behavior of Hamal has astonished many.

His interest towards mobile and phone heightened after creating account in Facebook. He has revealed that he is joining Twitter soon. The actor posts different photos of his and his wife Madhu. Maybe, the development of technology has changed Rajesh Hamal too.


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