Nisha Crowned as Miss Valley Icon 2019

Miss Valley Icon 2019 showcased at Blue Star events venue, Nisha Limbu has scored victory as the winner of the event. Nisha was also successful as the winner of best cultural dress award. In the event Pratima Balami along with photogenic award was positioned as first runner-up while along with punctual award Anupa Giri earned second runner-up position.

Likewise, in the event Bindu Shahi Thakuri was crowned as miss popular while Reshma Tamang was crowned as viewer’s choice award winner. Bindu and Reshma also earned the awards called miss charming and miss talent respectively.

The event was been organized by Quest event management Pvt. Ltd. where thirteen ladies were in the battle field to earn Miss Valley Icon 2019 award and was choreographed by Priyanka Shrestha.

The The event was been judged by Jayan Subba Manandhar as the chief jury while the team of jury members included Ameet Giri, Dheeraj Tandukar, Deepak Ghimire, Nikita Pandey, Amrit Marattha and Rohan Shrestha.