Motivational Speaker Rohit Malla will appear in Rojin Shakya’s Live Talk Show

Rohit Malla, a Motivational Speaker has been inspiring, encouraging, motivating people in various parts of the country. He has performed for dozens of occasions from classroom groups to huge audiences.

28th May Friday, ‘Speak to Me’ a talk show by fashion choreographer Rojin Shakya via social media Facebook would have a live interaction with Motivational Speaker Rohit Malla. Rohit is also a Leadership Coach, Parental and Corporate Trainer. Founder/Director and CEO at 3M Creation, Rohit is also an Executive Director at Nepal Youth Cluster and Executive at Orator’s House. Currently also working for Presidential Business School, the man has worked for Cambridge Institute of Technology as the Head of Marketing and Business Development. He has also served for Impact Talks as a manager and as a country manager at SI-UK Nepal.

Motivational speaker Rohit has performed for dozens of occasions from classroom groups to huge audiences, in various parts of the country. From students to professionals, the man has been inspiring, encouraging, and motivating people with positivity and optimism. He has recently started hosting a Television show called STRUGGLE STORIES on YOHO Television HD. He has YouTube Channel under his name and thousands of followers on Facebook and Instagram.

The 77th edition of Speak to Me would go live on 28th May Friday at 6 pm on the Facebook page of Rojin Shakya and would be covered by, the promotional partner for the talk show.


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