Woman files sexual abuse case against actor Santosh Panta

A female security guard at BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences in Dharan has filed a sexual abuse case against actor Santosh Panta.


The 24-year-old guard employed by KTM Security Services filed the case claiming actor Panta and security service Chairperson Rameshwor Sah had sexually abused her while she was at duty at the girl’s hostel of the institute. She has claimed that Panta tried to touch her sensitive body parts and also asked questions about her private life.

Panta, also the brand ambassador of the security service, had reached the hostel with Chairperson Sah, security inspector Bishnu Koirala, Head Guard Rajendra Tamang at Friday midnight despite the hostel not allowing any visitors after 11 pm.

DSP Dhakendra Khatiwada said police will arrest the accused and start investigation into the case.

The woman has said she will not return to work until action was taken against the accused. KTM Security employs 12 women as security guards.
Source: Kathmandu Post


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